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Finest collection of Color enhancing lenses, only to Docs!!

A Kit containing our finest collection of Color enhancing lenses.  Sold ONLY to EyeCare Professionals.  Any office that makes our Kit available to their CB Patients, will be listed on our web-page as a location the public can contact, if they wish to try them on!!   Don't let this be yet another Optical Device our patients find on-line, especially when this Kit has been found to be far superior to those on-line glasses.  Your CB Patients NEED to have this Option Available to them!

Brands: Our Professional Kit includes our 5 best lens options, housed in a stylish good quality black frame with unisex appeal. We also provide a simple "claw" clip-on version for Rx wearers. We also sell lens blanks that can be edged into your own frames or made into custom clip-ons! All priced very affordably so they can be made affordable for your patients! Want to make your patients CRY? These glasses often can achieve those emotional reactions.

 Show Specials

  • $100 off the full kit, or $50 of a partial kit!!  Making the kits even more affordable for EVERY Office!

 Press Releases

  •        Would you like to make your Patients Cry?  Color My World(CMW) has just launched a professional kit of their 5 most effective, color enhancing lenses that often produce strong emotional reactions for color-deficient patients.

           Skeptical?  Our founder, David Hyndman OD, was also very skeptical.  As with most eyecare professionals, he had only limited experience with the red monochrome contact and glasses.  Those lenses were highly ineffective and gave Hyndman the mindset that Colorblindness could not really be helped.

           It took a 10 year old colorblind(CB) boy and his mother that were adamant that Hyndman look into CB glasses.  He consented and started researching the technology, and found dozens of on-line videos of emotional reactions to CB glasses.  He contacted what seemed to be the biggest on-line supplier of the glasses and asked to be a retailer.  (That company offers an outdoor and indoor version of their lens.)  His request was turned down, giving the reason that they were quite busy and if they needed someone in that area of the country they would let him know.

          That decision turned out to be a blessing.  It forced him to look into other manufactures and to bring in many different lens options.  After ordering several prototypes, The CB boy (along with his CB Grandpa) came into the office to try them.  Still doubting the glasses would help, Hyndman was shocked and very pleasantly surprised when they both reacted with an emotional big "Wow".  All parties were crying by the time they left the office in their new CB glasses!  You can view their story and others on our web-page:

         This reaction convinced Hyndman that this needed to be a part of his practice.  He continued to order other lens styles and began checking EVERY patient for CBness.  With almost a year of research and trying them on over 100 patients, he was encouraged by colleagues to take this to other OD's.  Optometry needed to know about this new technology to truly help many of our CB patients.  Statistics show 5-10% of people are CB.  That equates to tens of millions of Americans that could benefit from these lenses.

         Hyndman narrowed his collection of lenses down to the 5 most effective to make up the CMW Kit for correcting CBness.  Predicting which lens will help which patient is proving to be difficult.  Some patients testing to be the exact same type of CBness have chosen different lenses.  In short, each CB patient needs to try on all 5 to find their preference.  With future research, new lens types may be added to the kit hoping to reach a 100% success rate.

         So what is the current success rate?  We are finding 25-30% will get the big "WOW" reaction.  Approximately, another 60% will get a good improvement, often enough gain they want a pair for at least part time use.   For more information on this brand-new way to help our patients, come visit our booth (327) or go on-line to: 



  • Color My World Kit of Glasses/Clip-ons
    Kit of our 5 different color enhancing glasses and the clip-on version of each. Plus 3 Quick CB screening cards, and the nice leather display box. Lens blanks available for custom clips or glasses....

  • Our full kit includes our 5 most effective filtering lenses in a stylish black Zyl frame.  Also a "claw" style clip-on version of each.  We include 3 CB screening cards that can ID your CB patients in 5 seconds of test time.  Plano lens blanks are also available for cutting into a different frame or for making into custom clip-ons.  Partial Kits are available of glasses only (No Clips), or glasses with one clip to demonstrate the size and style available.  Kits come with a 4 month, Full Money-Back Guarantee.... Plenty of time to find those emotional WOW reactions!  Your Color Deficient Patients deserve a chance to enhance their vision!

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