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Vista puts doctors in control of OTC product recommendations

Our hassle-free program eliminates in-office inventory, reduces patient confusion at retail, increases patient compliance, and generates practice income. 


Brands: VistaOTC Artificial Tears, VistaOTC Lid Cleansers, VistaOTC Advanced Dry Eye and Macular Supplements

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  • (May 12, 2021)
    Stop by Booth 1012 to get your free samples and to learn about our no-cost, hassle-free program to treat your patients with dry eye and to support macular health.

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  • Scottsdale, AZ – Hi-Health® proudly announces the launch of their new Eye Care Division. Our mission is to support eye care professionals and their patients with a complete line of products under the Vista™ brand. Even though Vista products are considered non-prescription therapies, each has been assigned an NDC number linking it to Hi-Health’s Licensed pharmacy. The result is a greater level of control by eye care practitioners of treatment recommendations, leading to enhanced patient outcomes.

    Formulated by eye doctors and industry experts to support ocular wellness and visual function, the initial product offering includes artificial tears, and tea tree oil-based lid cleansing products. These are combined with a family of advanced macular and dry eye supplements to support ocular health throughout the lifespan. Each product has been meticulously formulated with safety and efficacy in mind and manufactured to the highest quality FDA/GMP standards.

    “We often hear from doctors that the products their patients purchase at retail are not consistent with the treatment recommendation that was prescribed.” explained Jay Chopra, Hi-Health’s CEO “Our unique business model puts control back in the doctor’s hands, ensuring better patient outcomes and better overall patient satisfaction.”

    Through Hi-Health Eye Care, doctors can seamlessly integrate Vista products into their practices. We have streamlined the process so doctors can order our premium eye health products through their EHR system — exactly as medications are currently prescribed.


    1. locate the Vista Brand,
    2. select Hi-Health’s Pharmacy,
    3. input your orders,
    4. our team of professionals takes care of the rest.

    Hi-Health’s customer service professionals contact each patient on your behalf, verify your treatment recommendations and ship the order directly to their home or office. Subscription services are available for those who need to be on treatment for an extended period. In essence, we hold the inventory that you would normally have in-office with no upfront investment. At the point of sale, the title of the goods will simultaneously transfer from Hi-Health to the doctor and to the doctor’s patient. Hi-Health compensates the doctor for each product purchased in perpetuity.  Hi-Health Eye Care helps doctors stay focused on what is most important—patient outcomes.

     Dr. Scott Markham, DO, Founder of the Arizona Institute of Eye Surgery remarked, “Hi-Health Eye Care provides doctors the confidence that the exact intended and recommended artificial tears or ocular supplements are getting into the hands of patients. In addition to providing better convenience, I appreciate that Hi-Health has eliminated the confusion that many of my patients experience when purchasing eye products at retail or online. The fact that Vista products are ordered through a Pharmacy means my patients will receive treatment that meets the standard of care that they are prescribed.”

    To become a Hi-Health Eye Care practice or to learn more go to or call (866) 860-5269.

    We are all about YOU!

    Since 1972, Hi-Health has been helping people improve their health through better nutrition. Our commitment to wellness spans every aspect of our business, from informative product labeling to high-quality ingredient selection, expert testing and analysis. At Hi-Health, we want to do more than just offer premium nutritional supplements—we strive to promote a healthy and nutritionally conscious community. If you have questions or comments, we want to hear from you. Together, we can help pave a custom path forward to a healthier, happier you.

    Press Contact:

    Emily Laats



  • Vista Artificial Tears
    Vista Tears, Vista Meibo Tears, and Vista Gel Drops are specially formulated with hydroxypropyl guar to increase tear moisture. Stabilized Oxychloro Complex is very effective but gentle preservative....

  • Vista's Family of Artificial Tears are formulated by leading eye specialists based on scientific and clinical evidence to support symptoms related to DED. Stabilized Oxychloro Complex, known as a "disappearing preservative" is used in all Vista artificial tear products. SOC is effective at low concentrations while being very gentle on the eyes, therefore eliminating any burning or stinging sensation upon insertion.

    Vista Tears - Specifically developed to perform the lubricating function as natural tears. Polyethylene Glycol combined with Propylene Glycol and Hydroxypropyl Guar has been shown to reduce corneal and conjunctival staining, improve TBUT, decrease osmolarity and attract moisture.

    Vista Meibo Tears - An advanced formulation to help revitalize the lipid layer of the tear film. Contains our highest concentration of Polyethylene Glycol (0.6%)

    Vista Gel Lubricating Drops - A combination of Hypromellose USP 0.3% w/v and hydroxypropyl guar provide a soothing and lasting gel drop for those with advanced dry eye symptoms.

  • Vista Meibo Lid Cleansers
    Vista Meibo Wipes and Foam are formulated with Tea-Tree oil to improve eyelid hygene and fight against Demodex and blepharitis....
  • Vista Advanced Dry Eye and Macular Supplements
    Formulated in conjunction with leading eye doctors and industry experts, Vista advanced eye supplements support eye health and vision throughout the lifespan....

  • Vista Advanced Dry Eye Supplement 

    A powerful combination of omega 3 fatty acids (TG form) and GLA help regulate and balance inflammation. Lactoferrin binds to iron providing an anti-microbial action and has been found to be deficient in those with chronic DED. Hyaluronic acid was added to moisturize the tears from the inside out and Eyebright has been used for centuries to reduce redness and irritation. All of this combined with Astaxanthin, a potent antioxidant that supports choroidal blood flow and reduces the effects of asthenopia.

    Vista Advanced Carotenoid Formula

    Formulated with a unique 28mg blend of carotenoids including lutein, meso-zeaxanthin, zeaxanthin, and astaxanthin, this supplement enriches macular pigment. Pure DHA from Algal Oil optimizes photoreceptor cell membrane fluidity, retinal integrity, and supports visual function. Anthocyanins from Bilberry Fruit Extract are strong antioxidants that play an important role in age-related disease whose pathogenesis involve oxidative stress and inflammation. 

    Vista Advanced AREDS2 Formula

    Based on the AREDS2 study, with the added benefits of selenium and l-glutathione, this formula supports the aging eye. Note that 25mg of zinc used in this formula showed no difference in the progression of AMD when compared to 80mg.

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